Tamir Zoltovski Defines Whether Marketing and Sales are Similar or Not

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The marketing role in the sales process is no longer limited to providing leads for the sales team.

Within trades, marketing and sales have usually been separate departments; the sales team is charged with negotiating and closing deals, while the marketing team delivers the company’s message creatively by advertising, event planning, and literature.

However, marketers aiming only on these activities are missing the point that they and the sales department share a simple, common objective i.e. making money for the company. Smart adverts, stunning brochures, and creative giveaways are only useful if they convert into revenue (or if they can raise brand awareness, which in turn will boost revenue).

Fearless new world

Nowadays, tactical marketers, with analytical and customer-engagement skills are replacing people with more conventional creative marketing skills. Digital age marketers are more intensely involved in the sales procedure than they have ever been before because they use data and CRM tools to study their customer base and to point prediction towards information, which will help them, get views on a product.

Chat with their language

Salespeople are mainly focused on meeting and exceeding targets. Sales managers continuously review trends in the sales pipeline and use consumer and challenger details to adjust their approach to both individual projection and target markets as a whole.

According to Tamir Zoltovski (co-founder of Moneta International UAB), marketers have to buy into this sense of closeness and to have calculable goals that can be examined and adjusted frequently. Occasionally, it may sometimes be essential to react to varying market conditions by changing, rescheduling, or even pulling a movement and to step out of the conventional comfort zone of long-term planning to pipeline marketing with the rapid speed of sales. The flexible sales-based approach is required to succeed in today's market.

Be familiar with the market

Every salesperson must know their target market and the best way to find this out is by asking customers.

A marketer who can know and explain what consumers and challengers are doing – efficiently becoming the consumer's champion – is priceless to any business. Weighing the ROI of campaigns, a famously imprecise science in the past, is becoming simpler and simpler with the accessibility of big data and online analytical tools at reasonable costs, while direct conversations with consumers are also significant to market knowledge, and as precious as any electronic data.

Be the center of consumer experience

Salespeople know that consumer loyalty comes from a positive experience with a company or brand. The accessibility of easily available data has led to varying in the way consumers – whether companies or individuals – make their own purchasing decisions. They conduct their research and make their conclusions about a product in advance.

Now there are many more points of communication between brand and customer because of the internet and social media. Often under-utilized in Business-to-Business marketing, it is up to marketers to handle these interactions with probable and existing customers. Building brand reliability involves actively engaging with a vision to set up relationships that go beyond the sale of any one product.

Stand up and be calculated

Therefore, in brief, if marketing is to deliver sales, then marketers have to think like salespeople.

The gap between the two divisions is narrower than ever before. Ultimately, marketers have to adhere to similar standards as their teammates in sales who are judged on both performance and revenue. Moreover, frankly speaking, if marketing actions cannot be linked to raising revenue, leads, or brand awareness, then marketers are not doing their work properly.
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