Best 7 Days of Itinerary for Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

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Hello Guys! Are you planning an itinerary for the Bangkok Pattaya Tour, but before that you want to learn about many things, right? Then here I am to resolve your query by sharing my romantic experience of Bangkok Pattaya Trip with you.

If you are planning for a honeymoon, which places the first struct into your mind?

What if I give you the answer, Thailand…yes? The same happened to me. The time my husband asks for my favorite destination for a honeymoon, without thinking for a minute, I burped ‘Bangkok’. On the very same we both booked our 7-day Bangkok Pattaya Tour Package.

After booking the Bangkok Pattaya Package, I went into deep thought process with thrilling excitement that why did I choose Thailand? what are the major attractions? places of

Adventure, accommodation, beaches and many more queries were put up by myself. But, there is no need for you to give a deep thought process because I am gonna tell you whole about Bangkok-Pattaya Trip.

This trip leads you to the two most prestigious cities in the world. The major attraction of this place is Coral Island and Safari World. The first destination will take you to the world full of Waters, where you confront various Activities. Then the Bangkok safari would lead you to see all the sea creatures and have a thrilling safari or rides. The further trip would offer you experience the traditional values of Thailand through Alcazar show and old folk music and Thai-Cuisine.

Let’s have a look at my thrilling Bangkok Pattaya holidays:

Day wise Itinerary

Day 1: Bangkok Arrival

A warm welcome awaits you as you arrive at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport. We had Thai Fashioned full-hearted welcome by our Travel-agency people. We started from a short two and a half hour journey to Pattaya. We checked-in, in our pre-booked hotel, there we were asked to have a rest for the day in our superb honeymoon sweet. Our eyes became mesmerized after seeing the beautiful nightlife of Pattaya. Our guide told us, this place is known for its scenic beauty, enigmatic nightlife, Thai-cuisine, colorful markets, Disco, night clubs and pubs, and of course the unlimited bars. Our Day 1st spent well.

Day 2: Coral Island Tour

If you are a water animal, then this is the place for you. After having such a delicious breakfast, we were taken to Coral Island, a home for many small beaches and to have unlimited fun with many water activities. We had tried snorkeling and a soul-stirring underwater Dive, it was my first and most beautiful experience of such a thrilling sport. After a full-fledged fun, we went on a long romantic walk at a White Beach and had a stunning sunbath which made us energetic again. After fancying a whole of Coral Island, we returned by night.

Day 3: Pattaya – Alcazar Show

Day 3 was such an amazing day, for confronting many new things. The day was dominated by the obsessive Cabaret Alcazar show in Pattaya, which was a theatrical drama composed of Traditional dresses and music. The show was a heart grabber which made us stand and urged to join the dancers. We enjoyed the complete show and captured the memories for future story-telling and for sharing my wonderful experience.

Day 4: Pattaya-Bangkok (The Bangkok City Tour)

It is a breath-taking city. We were asked to pack our bags for Bangkok City, our guides were waiting for us in the hotel lobby. After reaching the capital of Thailand, we got are hotels with a good welcome and took some rest for reviving our immune for the evening’s city tour. Our Bangkok city tour started with the visit of the three most beautiful temples- ‘Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, and Wat trimeter’ followed by the view of the heaviest statue of gold- lord Buddha in nirvana. Finally, the dream came true after visiting the shopping paradise of the world, it was fun enjoying Bangkok’s bargain shops, floating Markets, China Town, and the Indian Towns. The day was just for me.

Day 5: Free Day in Bangkok

The most engaging day of our Bangkok Pattaya Tour. We were left free to do the kind of our like, we went to view skyscrapers, taste the famous Thai-cuisine, had Thai’s special drinks, experienced boxing bought last hang out on the beaches, etc. The most exciting part of the day was having fun at Discos and Pubs. Spending overnight in Bangkok was a thrill, gave a mind-altering effect.

Day 6: Safari World with Marine Park

Rather call this Day an Animal day, after breakfast, we headed towards the Marine Park and Safari world. It is the largest park in Thailand. We experienced many wildlife habitats and various landscapes and much more. At the safari world, we saw a tiger, lion, cheetah, panther, zebra, pandas, etc. After the wonderful visit to the Safari world, we were taken for another beautiful experience of Marine Park, where we enjoyed the Dolphin Show, along with Sea Lions and other water animals. At Marine Park, we amused ourselves with the marine slides and river cruise followed by amazing lunch and it was our last night of awesome Bangkok Pattaya Trip.

Day 7: A goodbye day

Day wise Itinerary

It was the last day in Thailand, and time to Bye. We were provided with the morning breakfast and asked to report at the lobby, where our tour manager dropped us at the Bangkok International Airport for the flight to return home.

It was a safe, iconic and budget-oriented Bangkok Pattaya Tour, it was our best decision to choose such a fascinating destination. Our tour managers did very marvelous job and gave us extra attention and escort facilities. Booking an authorized travel agency for Bangkok Pattaya Tours is not an easy task, so it is advisable for all those people who are planning an international trip. Carrying limited luggage would be more handy and better to keep battery backup for your electronic devices, nothing should instruct you in capturing happy memories.
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