7 Cheapest Countries Indians Can Visit at an Affordable Budget

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Being Indian and going outside India is very tough for middle-class people as it might cost them their half-year savings. Traveling to places like the USA and the UK is an expensive business. So, don't make a sad face as there are many other options you can stumble upon. There are many countries to visit which will give you wanderlust at very affordable pricing. So, here is the list of 7 cheapest countries Indians can visit at an affordable budget:

1. Thailand

Thailand is still one of the most visited places, especially by Indians. This country is very budget-friendly for every Indian who wants to travel on a tight budget. Thailand offers a lot to its visitors- from friendly people, cultural places to historical places to visit. For Indians, this is the best place if you love clubbing, exquisite beaches, delicious street food, markets full of chaos, and traditional spas and massage parlors. The night skyline, nightlife and city parties can easily attract any individual with the authenticity this country has. Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Ray, Koh Samuia, and Krabi are some of the best places to visit in the country. Don't miss out for this cheap trip if you are willing to step outside of India. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Akbar Travels Offers.

2. Sri Lanka

Just under the down tip of India, this beautiful country resides! Sri Lanka is a beautiful island and can amaze you with its beautiful beaches, historical monuments, hustle-bustle of cities, delicious seafood, and exquisite hill stations. If you are not in the mood to spend the whacking amount on your travel plan, then Sri Lanka is just the place for you to visit. Centered in the Indian Ocean, this country can mesmerize every individual who is looking for some delicious seafood, captivating tea plantation lands, and waterfalls, then many places in Sri Lanka can entertain you.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting country if you are looking for some beautiful and magnificent spots. Wealthy in culture and rich history, this city-state is known for its mouth-watering food, ultimate skyline, ferry rides and fascinating temples for spirituality. For Indians, going to this country is surely a budget trip which won't shake your pocket when you reach back home. With the places you get to visit in the country, you will only be left with fun adventures and memories of them.

4. Bhutan

Bhutan is a Buddhist country which is nestled in the lap of the eastern Himalayas. It is a peaceful place near the eastern Indian border which will make you go easy on your pocket. FYI- this country is also claimed to be the happiest nation in the world with a concept of Gross National Happiness. Thimphu is just the place to visit in the country where any honking of car horns is unheard and all you get to live is eerie of silence. From snow-capped mountains, Buddhist monasteries to beautiful surreal nature, Bhutan is surely the place which will keep you happy even when you return back at your place in India.

5. Philippines

If you are really tight on your travel budget, the Philippines can be a great place to have fun for Indians. The Philippines is known for its rice fields, graffiti walls, red hot volcanoes, frizzy water buffaloes and beautiful people. With over 7000 tropical islands, the Philippines is just the country for you if you are a beach-bum. If you are an adventure junkie who loves water sports, love to climb hill trails, mountaineering, mountain biking, and canyoneering, then the Philippines can entertain you a lot.

6. Vietnam

Located in South-Eastern Asia, Vietnam is known for its pristine beaches, hustling cities, rivers, and Buddhist pagodas. This country is for the ones who love to stumble upon abstract things in life especially nature. The country still has the largest cave in Asia. It won't cost you much if you are an Indian and still you will get the best time of your life in the country. From the marble mountains, delicious foods, adventurous activities to paddy farms, Vietnam is a heaven for the backpackers. So, you can add this country to your bucket list too and have the best time of your life outside India even if you are at a very tight budget. You can also apply for Travel Coordinator jobs to know about this field.

7. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful places in the world and will entertain you with its unlimited creativity, culture, and cuisines. The tall skyscrapers, buildings, narrow streets, and incredible islands, Singapore fascinates its every visitor. With a small budget also, any Indian can survive and travel this whole place and have loads of fun and adventure. Also known as The Lion City, the city is known for its heritage, cuisines, and cultural temples. If you are a foodie, Singapore is just the place for them with a variety of cuisines- from chicken rice, chili crab, fish head curry, oyster omelets to pork ribs. Your bucket list will be incomplete if you miss this wonderful place.
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