Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver With All Its Services and Glory

Westcor Thermal is one of the most premium companies who provide a variety of structural reform services in houses and buildings. They have been rendering their services for over a decade and their main aim remains customer satisfaction. They have served the province in multiple ways and have been earning a good name in the process. The variety of services they provide are namely fire proofing, fire stopping, Sprayfoam Insulation Vancouver and many more. By the extensive services, they are also trying to establish themselves in other parts of the country so that they can reach the high potential of customer base.
The safety and security of the employees
The safety of the employees is given a very high importance. As the work here is to deal with fire, the safety of the workers is very necessary. A set of safety measures are given to every employee who is to deal with insulation and fire related works. In order to ensure safety, the kit of safety measure will include Tyvek coveralls, gloves, safety boots, fall protection, hardhats and fall protection kit. By taking all these safety measures, the workers feel free to work and give their best on each day. As they are ensured of full protection, they give the best that they can and they further ensure the people safety by their excellent quality of work.

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The variety of services
As it has been said earlier that there is a variety of services that Westcor Thermal provides and they are as follows:

Fire proofing: The company is expert in spray foam fireproofing for steal beams, floors and room assemblies and columns. They use the best of A/D fireproofing system to ensure the quality of work that has to be installed.
Spray foam: The company uses both commercial and residential Spray foam Insulation Vancouver of 2lb and 1/2 lb spray foam. This is an environment-friendly insulation that uses very less energy during its manufacturing and also in its working. This can be used in new or even in existing structures as it is most commonly used in retrofit application.
Concrete lifting and void foam: At Westcor Thermals, the polyurethane foam can be of several uses. The foam is used for levelling, foundation repair, erosion control or even infrastructure remediation.
Parkdale insulation: Once the insulation is done, there will be no fast and hard rule with the attachments. That is because, there are a lot of insulation techniques and materials that are generally used. However, it has to be noted here that the most effective spray insulation system can be reached with creaks and crevasses.
And many more to name just a few.
 Cost of Spray foam Insulation Vancouver and others
The cost of the services is not very high at Westcor Thermals. That is because the main aim of the company is to make sure that their clients are getting utmost satisfaction. Without the customer being satisfied by their work, they do not charge any money. The cost of their service is highly negotiable and that is the reason why their customer base is also ever increasing. The Spray foam Insulation Vancouver with all its features and importance is touching the cloud 9 in its glory.

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